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Tech Bankruptcy
January 17, 2009
  Tech in BR: UIQ Technology, nTag, Motorola(?)
Mobile UI developer UIQ Technology, recently filed for insolvency relief in Sweden.

nTag Interactive Corp. filed a chapter 7 petition in Massachusetts at the end of December, according to an article in the Boston Business Journal. nTag sold systems that allowed vendors at trade shows to better interact with attendees through the use of electronic name tags.

Here is one man's opinion that Motorola may soon follow Nortel. The product cycle for communications hardware is both maturing and morphing at the same time. The hardware market was mostly finding expansion through overseas markets, particularly in the far east. This market is going to stop growing for a while. At the same time, the technologies are changing - telephony, television, internet access - the methods by which we receive these content forms are changing. Hardware manufacturers that can't adopt are going to fall by the wayside.

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January 14, 2009
  Tech disasters: Nortel Networks
I've probably missed a few recent tech failures since I've been too busy the last few weeks to track this stuff, but this one is too big to ignore.

Nortel Networks, Inc. filed a chapter 11 petition this morning in the District of Delaware. The main case number is 09-10138. I suspect there is also a related Canadian proceeding of parent company Nortel Networks Corporation. Cleary Gottlieb is lead counsel.


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Tech in BR: UIQ Technology, nTag, Motorola(?)
Tech disasters: Nortel Networks
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